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Eating Crickets

Why YOU Should Be Eating Crickets (Part I)

Yes, you read the title correctly. I’m about to convince you why eating crickets is one of the best sources of protein you could possibly add to your healthy routine! It may sound a bit weird to anyone who hasn’t tried eating them before, but crickets offer a variety of benefits that you can’t get from any other single food source.

Sources of Protein

Why YOU Should Be Eating Crickets (Part II)

Getting the right mix of nutrients every day can be a challenge. You have to be sure to choose foods that maximize your intake of your daily vitamins and minerals while also incorporating your necessary food groups. With so many “dirty” food options available, it can be tough to avoid the bad stuff while getting lots of the good stuff.

Organic Breakfast

A More Organic Breakfast: Choosing Better Oats

As consumers, we often take the safety and quality of our food for granted. We assume the foods we purchase are safe for us and our families. So it may come as a shock to many that oatmeal, oat cereals, and granola commonly found in grocery stores contain unsafe levels of potentially carcinogenic chemicals.


Repost: St. Louis Startup Puts Crickets On The Breakfast Table

Sarah Schlafly isn’t squeamish when it comes to eating insects.

For her, crickets are just “land shrimp.”

The St. Louis-based entrepreneur co-founded Mighty Cricket in 2017, a startup that produces breakfast foods with an unusual addition: crickets.

Sustainable Food Companies

Why Sustainable Food Companies (Like Us!) Avoid Palm Oil

Mighty Cricket and other sustainable food companies strive to implement business models that work in harmony with our natural environment. As much as we possibly can, we utilize practices that promote a thriving environment for future generations.

egg free dairy free wheat free breakfast

We’re Dairy Free, Egg Free, and More

If you’ve read our last blog post about palm oil, you know we care just as much about what isn’t in our products as what is. We want to provide healthy, sustainable breakfast options for as many people as we can. That’s why we do our best to avoid common allergens when creating our products.