You CAN reduce your environmental impact with Mighty Cricket!

I hope you all are having a nice week!

Here at Mighty Cricket, we marvel at the nutritional power that is jam packed into our featured little critters.

But hold on – that is not the only benefit!  Did you know that cricket production makes a ridiculously small impact on the environment?  The data are almost hard to believe.

I can almost HEAR the eyes rolling out there, so let me site some peer reviewed published science to help satisfy your skepticism regarding such a claim.  It’s pretty legit stuff.

These data (displayed below) were collected and analyzed by graduate students at the University of Copenhagen and show what kind of impact conventional sources of protein have on the environment in terms of carbon based gases released.  Note how much carbon that is connected to conventional protein sources (when producing 1 pound of protein) is added to the atmosphere when compared to crickets!  The difference is shocking!

It turns out that by choosing to supplement your diet with crickets, you too can do something #smallbutmighty!

Country Kg CO2 equivalent
Wild Herring (Norway) 0.7
Crickets (Thailand) 1.41
Crickets (Thailand) 2.29
Chicken (Denmark) 2.31
Mealworms (Netherlands) 2.7
Farmed salmon (Norway) 2.9
Chicken (Thailand) 4.06
Chicken (UK) 4.41
Pork (EU) 4.5
Beef (Mexico) 17.8
Beef (Belgium) 23.8
Lamb (Spain) 45.35

Take care, all!  Enjoy your week!  Go get it!



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