Evidence against artificial sweeteners mounts…

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At Mighty Cricket, we think a lot about nutrition and natural foods sources.  There is a lot of great evidence that suggests a balanced diet based on lean proteins, plenty of produce and reduced sugar intake can help to enhance life experience and reduce risk of chronic illnesses.

With that in mind, I came across a great article that discussed artificial sweeteners.  I am sure you know of these!  They are often place in diet sodas.  In effect, such sweeteners ‘trick’ the tongue into thinking that a sweet food is being consumed.  The basic idea is that while the tongue can be tricked, the rest of the body will not absorb the artificial sweetener!  So, while regular sugar can, in fact be stored in fatty tissue in our bodies, the artificial sweetener will not.  Pretty neat idea right?  Why wouldn’t we ALL want that?

Well, check this out:  https://scitechdaily.com/zero-calorie-sweeteners-linked-to-dramatic-increase-in-diabetes-and-obesity/

The scientists of this study point to data that suggest that the artificial sweeteners ARE implicated in obesity!  Amazingly, the cited article shows that a sugar substitute actually can change the biochemistry in our cells and shift how our bodies process and fat and access energy.  Isn’t this incredible think about?  Instead of just tricking the tongue, sugar substitutes seem to be far more implicated in normal metabolic processes then we may have thought!  Maybe it’ll make us think twice before cracking open a can of our favorite diet soda tomorrow at lunch…

Oh yeah… and for a quick plug… all Mighty Cricket cereals do NOT use artificial sweeteners.  They are sweetened just a touch using natural sugars.  They are tasty, packed with great nutrition and a breakfast you can feel great about serving to everyone in your house.

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