This just in… what you eat affects how you sleep!

Oh yeah… maybe you already heard that!  Who among us doesn’t reach for Tea, or Coffee or some other caffeinated beverage in an effort to keep our eyes open and be productive during the day?  Everyone knows that it is a stimulant.  In that regard, did you  know that it is also the most widely used drug in the world?

The experts at Cleveland Clinic explain that if you want good sleep, it’s probably best to skip it in the evening or afternoon hours.  They go on to say that it is beneficial to skip alcohol and nicotine too.  Pretty crazy to think that a glass or two of wine can have that much impact.  But, research has shown that alcohol does, in fact, interfere with the natural cycles of hormones that help to keep us snoozing for a full 7 or 8 hours.  So, even though it might help you get a little dozy at first, over the night, science suggests that the cumulative sleep pattern is negatively impacted.

Did you know that chocolate has caffeine in it too?  It’s true!  Here is another thing to balance in life.  Dark chocolate (70% or higher of Cacao) has proven cardiovascular protective action (of course, in modest consumption – it also provides a dose of saturated fats).  It has also shown to be anti-depressive and be rich in anti-oxidants (perhaps you have heard of those all too potent anti-cancer polyphenols).  But, if you have trouble sleeping, it’s better to have a few squares of dark chocolate at lunch; skip them out of your diet in the evening.

I hope you have a great weekend!


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