Eat Breakfast! Every day!

It turns out that eating any nutritious breakfast in the morning before work or school is pretty darn important.  And, it also turns out that science actually backs up this claim!  For example, this little factoid might blow your mind.  Did you know that if you avoid breakfast, you’ll be more likely to have a higher body mass index?  Body Mass Index, known for short at BMI, is useful ratio to measure one’s height and weight.  And a higher BMI can point to imbalance (too much weight for any given body frame).  So, yes, no breakfast trends toward LOWERING your metabolism (your natural engine) and can enhance your likelihood have a higher BMI.  Crazy!

Anyway, eating breakfast ends up providing TONS of benefits.  A lot of them are probably intuitive: trending towards lower BMI, consuming less fat throughout the day, getting recommended daily allotment of vitamins and fiber and achieving better performance (both in the classroom AND in the boardroom).  But you don’t have to believe the Mighty Cricket blog, you can go to outside experts like, verify  and see for yourself!  It’s a useful link; you can learn a lot.

Anyway, with all of that benefit, why wouldn’t one want to eat breakfast?  Ha, yes it’s convenient that Mighty Cricket makes incredibly nutritious breakfasts that are designed just for you.  But, if it turns out that we aren’t quite your jam, then pick something else that is more your speed.  But, promise yourself to make it worth while.  A bowl of cold cereal (sorry, skip the super sweet stuff) beats the fast food drive through by a mile –  hands down.

Hope you had a great Monday!

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