Just START doing something…

Happy Sunday, everyone!  I hope you have had a great weekend.  And, if you are following the college basketball tournament, that your brackets aren’t too busted.  Ha, mine were wrecked almost immediately.  But, that is just like every year I guess…

As I was driving around doing errands today, I noted yet again how easy it is to access junk food.  There are fast food restaurants of all kinds that seemed to line both sides of the main road.  All one has to do is pull into a driveway, work quickly through the drive-through path, and collect a fresh meal.  It is cheap, fast and easy to consume.  Even worse, all of these fast foods are full of less than wholesome ingredients that rapidly activate your brain’s ‘reward system’.  That’s right – we are basically programmed to get a little bit of a rush when consuming junk food.  Considering this, its no wonder a huge fraction of the USA is struggling with a broad spectrum of illnesses (depression, obesity, diabetes, ect…) that are associated with poor diet.

Well, yeah… it is EASY to do keep working your way through the drive through for your meals for every day.  But, why not think about organizing your schedule to focus more on a healthy diet?  You likely don’t need some random internet guru dropping knowledge here.  Most people intuitively know that the sausage biscuit breakfasts aren’t the best option.  Sometimes, inertia (or just STARTING) something takes a little bit of encouragement!  So, yes, I will encourage you.  Forgo that heavy fast food meal for lunch.  Your productivity will go way up in the afternoon (you know this).  Once you get that ball rolling, you can take that step just a bit further, like taking a walk after work.  Just starting to do it will enhance your motivation to continue.

If you get a chance, you should submit some of your OWN motivational tips to the blog.  Our community is all about encouraging each other to be the best we can be.  Of course, consuming premium gasoline at the dinner table is a great start.  And just STARTING something is a start.  But, how do YOU development mental fortitude?  What keeps YOU hungry to achieve your goals?  Please let us know!


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