Did you know that the Food Pyramid has expired?

Do you remember the Food Pyramid?  Well, I do, but mostly because I live (and love) nutritious foods; I kinda just stay up on things in the field.  But, really, what is the Food Pyramid?  It is expired?  Really?  Why?

The pyramid itself had been around for a long while.  In fact, the wise people of Sweden published a first version of in 1974; the USA followed along in 1992.  Since then it has been transformed and transmogrified to do one thing: recommend portions of food that meets best possible nutritional standings.  In other words, food placed at the point of the pyramid have the least space to fill (for example: fried foods, sweets, other ’empty’ carbohydrates and sugars).  And, as you might expect, the bottom of the food pyramid has a larger space to fill and thus more food would fit in that slot (in this case, foods like fruit, whole grains, produce).  In effect, the further one gets to the point of the pyramid, the less food of that particular group one should consume.  Seems to make generally good sense right?  Kinda intuitive…

Well, it has been updated from time to time over the years since it was first published.  Professionals attempted to make it easier to interpret as well as keep it up to date with the latest scientific research.  In 2011, the pyramid was scrapped completely and the USDA came out with something called MyPlate.  MyPlate moved away from specific types of food recommendations (like what was seen in the Food Pyramid) and instead focused on proportionality.  In other words, the smallest part of the plate was allocated to empty calories, sweets and saturated fats.  The larger part of the plate was dedicated to proteins, produce and whole grains.  Sometimes a simple reminder about nutritional choices is not so bad, right?  Well, you can see the MyPlate design here, if you are so inclined: https://www.choosemyplate.gov/  It’s a generally cool site by the by…you should browse through if you get a chance.

Did you know that MyPlate and the smart folks at the USDA align well with what Mighty Cricket is doing?  Ha, no, we can’t claim that they are endorsing us (that would be cool, though right?), but their recommendations for a healthy diet neatly fit into what we have created for you!  Our cereals are rich in nutritious whole grains and high quality proteins.  And, that means that a nice serving of Mighty Cricket’s tasty oatmeal can help to fill your MyPlate that right way.  I know, your mind is blown.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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