Keep your wallet full!

I think we all know the experience.  We go to the grocery store when there is a free hour  or so on the weekend and do a regular loop through the aisles.  We probably know our stores so well that when an employee stops to asks, “Do you need any help finding anything?”, we laugh a little internally.  Then we get to the register and simultaneously watch the attendant bag the haul and the numbers pile up on a computer screen.  Then, with a little sigh, we plug in the credit card to the reader, mumble a little under our breaths about how expensive it is to by groceries and go about our days.

Have you given any serious thought to what makes a grocery trip so expensive?  Well, if you are like me, it’s the high quality proteins that really make up a huge fraction of the bill.  I mean seriously!  I saw that 1lbs of wild sockeye salmon advertised for $18.99 at my local grocer’s!  The wild caught King Salmon was marked at $34.99!  Is that crazy?  Talk about a means to go quickly into bankruptcy.  I mean… one problem is that it tastes so good so it is hard not to buy.  I’ll admit that is a tough one – I love eating it.  Plus, it provides all those incredibly beneficial natural unsaturated fatty acids.  There are parts to like, but jeez… it’s so expensive.

There are other annoying logistical hiccups too.  Have you thought about the storage issues?  I am sure you know… you need to keep it cold and eat it in the next day or so, or you are risking spending the night on the bathroom floor cursing your past self.  Or you can freeze it for later use and ruin the flavor a little bit.  I am just saying, there are some pain points.

Well, it’s a reason we like crickets!  You can store our cereals dry in a single serving bag and eat it when you are ready.  Convenient!  Plus, it has some decent shelf life at room temperature.  There is not need to rush and force it down.  Then, the nutritional profile is pretty much the cat’s meow.  Check this!  100 grams of cricket contains: 121 calories, 12.9 grams of protein, 5.5 g. of fat, 5.1 g. of carbohydrates, 75.8 mg. calcium, 185.3 mg. of phosphorous, 9.5 mg. of iron, 0.36 mg. of thiamin, 1.09 mg. of riboflavin, 3.10 mg. of niacin and .05% fat (I looked at several reputable references).  Plus 100grams of cricket powder by itself costs less!  I found a site that sells 100 grams of it for $6.50 (and that is just the powder by itself).  How about that?  In fact it IS possible to get a protein rich, nutritious diet and do it with crickets!

Is your mind blown?  I assume that you agree…

Have a great one out there, people!


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