Part 3 of my interview with the professionals

Over the last several days, I have added some thoughts to the blog surrounding a recent interview I did with Adam and Audrey; two dedicated professionals who are also very serious about their nutrition.

An additional fascinating bit of insight that came out of the conversation surrounded concept of progression.  In fact, when I asked one would create a powerfully nutritious diet if one had never done so, Audrey remarked, “All or nothing is basically a guaranteed fail; instead small steps are far better.”

In our context that could mean a lot of things!  For example, we talked yesterday about how tracking one’s diet over a period of time could be useful to help put what was actually being consumed into the top of mind.

Well, let’s say you did that little personal experiment and then realized that some improvement could be made.  Per Audrey’s great insight, instead of just reorganizing your entire diet immediately, try cleaning things up more gradually as part of a newly rededicated effort to improve overall health and wellness.  What would this look like?  Well, perhaps it would be moving from regular soda to diet soda and then, over time, shifting towards sparking or flavored water.

But that is just ONE example!  Think about the different things that can be done relatively easily right now (yes, like, today) that would have a great impact!  I’ll toss out a few more examples… instead of eating regular BBQ chips all the time with lunch, try the baked versions (there is far less fat per serving size).  Instead of ordering a burger and fries at your favorite restaurant, try ordering a bison burger (a far leaner meat, but also full of juicy and excellent flavor) and sweet potato fries (if they are BAKED sweet potato fries, even better).  If you make rice a lot at your house for dinner, try using brown rice instead of white rice (white rice has basically been stripped of its nutrients during processing).

But you get the idea right?  Small changes here and there can add up to really positively impact your wellness!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone!  #SmallbutMighty can make a difference in your life.


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