Part 2 of my interview with the professionals!

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

If you read my last post, you were able to learn a little bit about how a few high performing professionals had organized their lifestyles in order maintain a highly nutritious diet, yet also make excellent gains in their exercise regimens.  Today, we are going to continue discussing a little more about what came out of that interview.  Importantly, we are going to discuss marketing!

Have you ever browsed up and down your grocer’s shelves and gotten a little confused?  There are all kinds of positive sounding words out there: All Natural!  Whole grain!  Wholesome!  Then, if you looked at the ingredients listing on the side of the bag or box, you would run into even MORE challenges:  High Fructose Corn Syrup, Potassium Benzoate, Bromonated Vegetable Oil, Phosphoric Acid, ect… the list goes on and on!  In fact, during my discussion with Adam the med student, he remarked the marketing is so slick and the ingredient listing is so complicated, that people don’t even understand them!

He is totally right.  Have you ever bought what you thought was maple syrup from the grocery store?  Well, the most economic brands are actually NOT maple syrup.  They are filled with corn syrup and maple flavoring is added.  Or have you ever had a breakfast bar and though you were getting a great serving of whole grains?  Well, in part you might, but those same breakfast bars often has as much or more sugar than a full sized candy bar!  It is easy to be confused too, with everything going on in a busy professional’s life, it can be challenging to give the required attention to what goes into the basket when doing a quick grocery run.

Adam remarked that in his experience in medical school, physicians, nurses or even PhDs have no idea what the food pyramid even is!  Clearly, there is a lot for us to cover!  And, we’ll get there.  So, don’t worry.  But, also if you have questions, please feel free to ask!  We are pretty hip with diet tips here at Mighty Cricket.  We won’t steer you toward a fad diet or set you up to fail.  Instead, we’ll work with you as you progress on your journey towards a better diet.  In fact, we have specifically created our cereals to be a part of that journey if you would like!  They are protein rich and come with a nice supply of complex carbohydrates to help keep you running strong.

If you don’t know where to start, you can start today!  There are some great apps out there to track your diet.  Some you have to pay for, and others are free.  If you don’t like the high tech route, simply write down everything you eat for 2 weeks without changing your routine.  Then, you can count up the different fats and sugars you are consuming and make choices based on some hard numbers!

Have a great one!



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