It turns out, that carbohydrates can be a good thing!

YES!  It’s true!  Our metabolic systems are jam packed full of amazingly intricate little machines whose job it is to take a complicated sugar molecule that you may have just eaten and then modify it by adding a little bit here and subtracting a little bit there to produce a simple sugar called glucose.

I know you have seen words that end in ‘ose’.  These sugars are found in our food and sometimes have daunting names!  The list of them is long too!  Among others there is galactose, maltose, lactose, fructose, sucrose, ect…

Anyway, the carbohydrates that we eat and drink (breads, french fries, cereals, pasta, soda pop, and beer among others) start in a complicated initial form and then are broken down into glucose as it follows an elegant metabolic pathway!  And, it turns out that glucose is the simple sugar that is essentially used as our common gasoline to make energy we use to perform our day to day tasks.

And there are differences between sugars too; some are more beneficial to our systems than others.  It turns out that the COMPLEX sugars (Complex Carbohydrates) are the best.  And they are usually found in vegetables, beans and whole grains.  Typically, complex carbohydrates come along with a nice supply of fibers, minerals and other vitamins and thus vastly outpace the carbohydrates that come from non-whole grain sources (think candy bars, energy drinks, or other processed foods).  You probably have heard of the later examples referred to as ‘Empty Calories’.  They just don’t provide the nutritional bang for the buck!

So you know, our new Mighty Cricket Cereals provide a great serving of complex carbohydrates.  This will help power you all morning or help to fill in the blanks during the day when you get hungry and need a pick me up snack.  Our great tasting oatmeal recipes not only have nutritious and lean protein, but they also provide a good helping of complex carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fats, as well as vitamins!  Our recipes are so tasty that we are SURE you’ll love them.  Besides the great taste, you’ll get great nutrition.

You need to be kind to your body!  It’s the only place you have to live.  Treat it right with a great diet.

Have a great afternoon, everyone!

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