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We know it is super important to get balanced nutrition in life.  That’s why I am so super excited about cricket protein!  There is just so much power packed into these guys.  Do you know about amino acids?  It is a funny name for sure, but you need not be scared!  They are just simply organic sub-components of proteins!  In fact, some of these amino acids are super good for you to eat!  There are few that we MUST have to eat because we can’t make them ourselves.  These are the ESSENTIAL amino acids.  It turns out that cricket protein provides a good bunch of em’ in high proportions!  Take a look at the table below.  You can get a great serving of essential amino acids from crickets!

Amino Acid Grams/ 10 grams Crickets
Histidine 0.14
Isoleucine 0.3
Leucine 0.46
Lysine 0.36
Methionine 0.11
Cysteine 0.05
Threonine 0.24
Tryptophan 0.06
Valine 0.37



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