A Healthy Diet Impacts EVERYTHING

In today’s world, it is challenging to maintain a healthy diet.  We are surrounded by fast food and convenience stores. These easy-access foods are full of salt, saturated fats (we’ll examine that one in a future blog), and unhealthy calories.  It’s almost as if the world is telling us, “YES!  Don’t worry about it!  Have as many packs of frosted donuts as you want.  It’s no big deal.”

Humans are intricate machines, and we require premium gasoline.  Diet impacts nearly everything that we do in life.  A great diet positively affects mood, energy levels and a sense of well-being.  It also reduces our likelihood of developing an array of illness (everything from heart disease and diabetes to cancer).  Conversely, eating only fast food or other snacks procured from convenience stores is an easy way to gain excess weight, defeat a positive mood, or increase the chances for developing a preventable disease. Focusing on a positive diet is a HUGE benefit to lifestyle.  Enough said.

So what are some ways we can clean up our nutritional profile while maintaining convenience? It starts with a solid understanding of how to read nutrition labels. With accurate knowledge of what’s in packaged foods, we are able to make smart purchases rather than falling prey to questionable marketing.

At Mighty Cricket, we empower you to understand what’s in your food and use your buying power to demand real food. Have a food product you want evaluated? Snap a picture of the food label and send it to us via Facebook or Instagram. We’ll get back to you with our thoughts!

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