Take a quick look at this label…

Yesterday, we talked a little bit about the potentially unsavory components of commercially available whey proteins.   Take a look at this picture taken of a popular brand of whey powder.

Whey protein

A pretty decent nutrient profile, right?  Low sugar, hardly any fats, modest levels of cholesterol, and a great protein punch.  But look a little closer.  Aha!  I see you Acesulfame Potassium!  You can’t hide forever in the fine print.  Did you know that Acesulfame Potassium is 200X sweeter than sugar?  Wow!  That is SWEET.  Since it isn’t sugar, it doesn’t impact a consumer’s glycemic index or provide a source of caloric sugar.  Cool, right?  You get all that flavor without worrying about a calorie count.

However, there are excellent research studies that strongly suggest that by ingesting artificially sweetened beverages (not just whey, think about diet/low cal soft drinks and fruit juices), the body is subsequently ‘tricked’ into compensating with other high calorie sources to make up for what it THOUGHT it was getting.

Maybe there is something to this widespread movement towards natural and healthy sources of nutrition after all …

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