Why would I eat cricket cereal when I could drink whey protein shakes?

Fair enough!  It’s true that whey protein is a great quality protein.  Whey is typically jam-packed with precise ratios of important branched chain amino acids that help today’s busy professional and weekend warrior perform at their peaks.

Have you ever looked closely at the labels of such whey based products?  They are often sweetened with artificial chemicals like aspartame, acesulfame or sucralose.  Without getting too technical, it is generally a good idea to try keep those ingredients out of a regular diet.

This begs the question: how can you cut out artificial sweeteners and find a natural source of protein that also has great taste?

Well, it may seem like a biased suggestion, but our innovative Mighty Cricket cereals can help you do just that!  We offer protein-rich cereals with just a touch of natural sweeteners to meet your nutrition goals and power your day.  So the next time you feel the urge to chug a protein shake, grab a bowl and spoon instead.

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