Are you serious? Cricket cereal?

Your first reaction might be, “What the heck!  There is no WAY I would even think about trying something that had such an ingredient!”

Well, fair enough, that was MY first reaction too!  But, like many new experiences in life, there are interesting details that helped to sway my opinion.

Did you know that cricket protein powder—like whey protein powder but with a nutty aroma—has some surprising and nutritious benefits?  And, since I am a huge fan of nutrition, I decided further investigation was necessary.

Check out the table below, procured from United Nations.  One serving of cricket powder blows away the nutritional profile of traditional protein sources.  Food for thought, no?

200-calorie serving Protein Fat Saturated Fat Omega-3 Fiber
Crickets 31.0g 8.1g 2.6g 1.8g 7.2g
Farmed Salmon 20.4g 13.4g 3.0g 2.5g 0.0g
Whole Eggs 19.2g 15.2g 4.8g 0.1g 0.0g
90% Lean Beef 22.4g 11.2g 4.4g 0.4g 0.0g
Tofu 24.6g 12.6g 2.7g 0.5g 2.7g
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